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Dental Implants

You may want to consider dental implants if you have teeth that are severely damaged or missing. This method involves surgically positioning small metal posts or frames in the jaw beneath the gums and mounting a replacement tooth on it. Dental implants are extremely effective solutions in cases where teeth need to be replaced.

Not only are dental implants strong and practical, they are also exceptionally versatile. They can replace multiple teeth if needed, and they work in areas where other tooth replacement options, such as bridges, do not. Allen Smile Design is an experienced dentist in 75013 that is happy to offer the good people of Allen, TX a restored smile through dental implants.


Did you know…

A significant 93 percent of all dental implants are successful. One of the reasons for their success is that the titanium frames have a high rate of osseointegration with the surrounding jaw bone. This contributes to the comfort and natural feel of the implant for the patient, as well as the new tooth’s durability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are dental implants painful?

No. Though the implant process sounds invasive, dental practices in Allen feature the latest in technology that allows them to perform the implant quickly and easily, dramatically reducing swelling and pain. Of course, anesthetic and sedation are used during treatment, and afterwards patients are always provided with pain management options as needed.

What advantages do dental implants offer over other dental prosthetics?

If you are looking for the most effective and complication-free dental prosthetic, dental implants are the obvious choice. Similarly to prosthetic limbs, these replacement teeth are made of titanium and should last for your entire life. They solve problems posed by other tooth replacement options, such as jaw atrophy that can occur with dentures. Dental implants work anywhere in the jaw provided there is healthy bone to anchor to, and offer a perfectly functional and realistic looking tooth replacement.

How long does a dental implant take?

A couple of hours is usually ample time for the first step of fitting a dental implant: placing the metal frame. The second step – adding the permanent crown – occurs several months later. This gives the implant time to integrate with the surrounding bone. Of course, these visits are separate from the initial consultation and appointment to plan your treatment. At Allen Smile Design, we want to include you in the entire process so you feel confident in your treatment.